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Effects of Racial Discrimination Prove Bad for Health

The news source is HealthDay News and the study was conducted by North Shore-LIJ Health System in Manhasset, New York.

A new study was conducted which confirmed that stress associated with racial discrimination bring bad effects to the health.

Healthy bodies maintain a balance between so-called free radicals, which can damage cells, and antioxidants, which are necessary for the body to repair itself from various insults and injuries. It is a precursor to many, many illnesses like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and aging which is linked to psychological stress. But various factors, including behaviors such as smoking or eating fried food, will give rise to the increase of free radicals which in turn result to more oxidative stress that inflict a mess on the cellular functions that keep us alive.

In the study, the researchers evaluated information on 629 black and white adults who were enrolled in a U.S. National Institute on Aging study aging 30 to 64 years old and represented different income levels.Then, the participants are asked about racial discrimination and their answers were paired with the results of blood tests that measured degradation of red blood cells, an indicator of oxidative stress. The result was that more blacks reported racial discrimination than whites making them having more oxidative stress. Among whites, discrimination was not tied to oxidative stress.

According to the researchers, the outcome of the study helped explain why certain racial groups tend to have more heart disease, diabetes and other age-related conditions. Despite the fact that the study is limited on overt discrimination, still, it is an eye-opener for everybody that says the level of stress of a person constantly affects the prognosis of the illness. Thus, clinicians need to incorporate in their plan of treatment the information on day-to-day stressors their patients face into treatment decisions.

With that scenario, being discriminated therefore is very crucial in maintaining the optimum wellness of the body that is why utmost support and plenty of preparedness is needed. A strategic move is to have a reliable health insurance at all times so that whenever troublesome incidences come to pass, all is set to knock down the problem. Own one now and be profited from the quality ensured services provided by your chosen insurer.

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