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Flaxseed Takes no Effect on Hot Flashes

This article is based off of a news story reported in Reuters and a study conducted by Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

A new study was conducted which confirmed that taking flaxseed takes no effect to wane off hot flashes.

Women in their menopausal years experience a lot of discomfort brought about the changes in hormonal levels and one of which women are concerned about is having to deal with hot flashes. A lot of remedies are tried to somehow lessen its disturbing characteristic. One remedy is by taking flaxseed which is high in compounds called lignans, a type of phytoestrogen. These are plant chemicals structurally similar to estrogen and may have weak estrogen-like activity in the body. However, the most effective treatment is hormone replacement therapy. But since hormones have been linked to increased risks of heart disease, blood clots and breast cancer, most women want alternative hot-flash remedies.

In the study, the researchers included 188 women with bothersome hot flashes that occur at least an average of four times a day. The group was then randomly assigned to eat a daily flaxseed bar or a flax-free “placebo” bar. The flaxseed bar contained fiber, protein and 410 milligrams of lignans; the placebo bar provided protein and fiber, but no lignans. Over six weeks, more than one-third of women in each group had a 50 percent reduction in their hot flash "score”, which measures the frequency and severity of a woman's symptoms. The result was that there was no improvement seen on those who took the flaxseed bar.

According to the researchers, the said improvement in their hot flash score is caused by how women expected the outcome to be. The authors of the research also pointed out that the hot flashes will naturally cool off over time but may vary in accordance to the environmental factors like stress and hot weather. In addition, they noted that flaxseed may be helpful for other health issues, like constipation but as a hot-flash remedy, further studies are needed to solidify its effectiveness since those who took the bars have reported abdominal bloating and gas -- probably because of the fiber in both types of bar.

Therefore, the way we perceive things influences the outcome of our wants and needs that is why we need to be prudent on deciding over issues especially if our overall condition is at stake.

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